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S & M Engineering Services










October 2007


Technical Director: Subijoy Dutta, P.E.


1496 Harwell Avenue, Crofton, MD 21114

Ph: 410-721-7706, e-mail:


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    January 26, 2008 New Delhi Available to Lt. Governor, Delhi Govt. - Mr. Nalin Chauhan to Download the Adobe (.pdf) Document - Part 1

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    Other Offices:     

                                 New Delhi,                                     


    Mr. Girish Chaudhry

    M-57B, Malviya Nagar

    New Delhi, 110017

    Ph: 011-2667-3923; 2667-3922

                                Mobile: 98115-29898


              Kolkata, India


    Mr. Bimal Chakraborty

    S & M Engineering Services (India)     

    BB 15/1 Rabindra Pally

    Baguiati, Kolkata 700059

                    Ph: (033) 2570-1780;  Mobile: 98306-38408




                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS







    SECTION                                                                                                                                 PAGE



    1.0                                            INTRODUCTION                                                                      1


    2.0                                            FIELDS OF EXPERTISE                                                                       2


    3.0                                            SERVICES OFFERED                                                                3


    4.0                                            PROJECT EXPERIENCE SUMMARIES                                       4


    5.0                                            SUMMARY OF A TYPICAL PROJECT IN INDIA                        9


    6.0                                            BACKGROUND OF KEY PROFESSIONALS                                9



                1.0        INTRODUCTION


    S & M Engineering Services is a minority-owned consulting engineering business. It is owned by Mr. Donald Henry and Subijoy Dutta, a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.), who won the 1991 National Award for Individual Excellence in Environmental Restoration from the U.S. Air Force.  In April 2004, S & M Engineering will have its 20th anniversary marked by two decades of growth and success.  Some nationally known professionals and engineers, such as Dr. Maurice Albertson, P.E., Dr. Kent T. Brakken, Dr. William E. Roper, P.E. and Mr. Dennis Haag are retained by the company as outside consultants.

    S & M Engineering provides technical expertise in all phases of environmental management, beginning from preliminary investigation to final cleanup in compliance with the locally applicable regulation. From studies, planning, remedial design to treatment, installation, and construction management is undertaken by our engineering consulting services.  Any investigative drilling or water well completion etc. is mainly looked after by Petro Engineering Systems, a sister concern of S & M Engineering.  Within each project phase S & M has developed the ability to adapt and use the most cost-effective and site-specific techniques available.

    S & M Engineering Services is headquartered in Crofton, Maryland, USA, and has offices in eastern Oklahoma, and Texas. Our offices are staffed with top level professionals and field staff, including:

    ²         Engineers

    -           Civil & Environmental

    -           Geological

    -           Chemical

    -           Mechanical

    -           Electrical & Computer Science

                                                                ²         Ecologists

                                                                ²         Soil Scientists

    ²         Geologists

    ²         Data Base Specialists

    ²         Programmer Analyst

    ²         Environmental Specialists

    ²         Hydrogeologists

    ²         Well Log Analyst

    S & M Engineering's staff and associates has experience in environmental and ecological studies, including, permitting, design, and construction management.  We have conducted many water use studies, estimating future needs including potential area growth projection, dating back to the early 1970s.  The total staff strength of S & M varies project wise since most people are on consultant basis.



    S & M Engineering Services has four senior level Registered Professional Engineers and two ecologists. Many different aspects of engineering, geology, and hydrogeology are looked after by these scientists and engineers as project leaders. The services covered by S & M Engineering and their respective project leaders are shown below:

                                                                                                                            Project Leader

    v                 MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT          Mr. SUBIJOY DUTTA, P.E.*

    v                  ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES                  {* P.E. - Registered Professional Engineer}

    v                 SITE/BUILDING PLANS          



    v                 WATER USE STUDIES           

    v                 WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT  

    v                 ENERGY & AIR EMISSION AUDITS

    v                 SEWER SYSTEM/LAGOON DESIGN  

    v                 SURVEYING & SUBDIVISION      

    v                 WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM                 Project Leader

       INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT         Mr. SUBIJOY DUTTA, P.E                            (Removal of Heavy Metals & Organics)           


    v                 AIR QUALITY MONITORING

    v                       REMEDIAL WETLAND SYSTEMS    


    v                       ECOLOGICAL STUDIES



    v                 SOCIO-ECONOMIC STUDIES                                Project Leaders

    v                 BIODIVERSITY SURVEY                             Dr. KENT T. BRAKKEN &

    v                 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDIES                  MS. AMY TOWNSEND

    v                 OZONE DEPLETION STUDY                                 


    v                 REMOTE SENSING                                       Project Leader

    v                 WATERSHED ANALYSIS                                        Dr. William E. Roper, P.E.

    v                 DISASTER MANAGEMENT        

    v                 WATER QUALITY ANALYSIS        




    Partial listings of services offered are furnished in the following:




    (a) Environmental Engineering

    (b) Geological Engineering

    (c) Mechanical Engineering

    (d) Electrical Engineering

    (e) Chemical Engineering 

    (f) Water and Wastewater Engineering   



























    15.       WATER USE STUDIES




    4.0  PROJECT EXPERIENCE SUMMARIES                              

    A brief summary of expertise provided by the associates and consultants of S & M Engineering Services is presented below. Detailed information pertaining to specific needs may be readily obtained by request.




    Ø      ASEAN Clean Land 2005 project to help 23 Cities within the Association of South East Asian Nations with waste Management and Cleanups


    Project work underway, began in March 2005

    Ø      Low-Cost Wastewater Treatment Plant at JNTU, Hyderabad


    Completed Construction on August 31, 2004

    Ø      Development of a Scheme for a Pilot Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan for the Silchar Municipality, India

    Ø      Project Proposal preparation

    Ø      Total Project Cost for Pilot System




    $  5,200


    2002-2003 Performed by S& M Engineering (India)

    Ø      Watershed Analysis using remote sensing & Satellite Imagery for the Yamuna River Remediation Project, India

    $ 15,000

    2002-2003 Performed en-gratis for the Yamuna Foundation for Blue Water.

    Ø      Air Emission Control and Removal of Nitroglycerine (NG) from Air Stream and Heavy Metals from Wastewater at the Navy Facility in Indian Head, Maryland


    1996-97  performed jointly with Tetrahedron, Inc.

    Ø      PM (Particulate Matter) Emissions Control and alternatives to Surface and Underground Shaft mining of Coal


    1998-present : working with Coilwell, Inc. of Oklahoma in developing a hydraulic mining system by using a high pressure water-jet cutting system.

    Ø      Seminar at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on Engineered Barrier Systems


    2000 – presented by Subijoy Dutta covering Landfill cover systems, Slurry walls, and other Engineered barrier systems with special emphasis on site selection, design, construction, and monitoring aspects.

    Ø      Yamuna river remediation project by use of constructed wetlands, New Delhi, India


    1994-present – Submitted preliminary designs to Delhi Jal Board for approval and funding. Expended S & M funds over $35,000 so far.

    Ø      Boilers and Industrial Furnaces (BIF) emission Standards, Taiwan, Mexico.


    1993-1995 – provided standards and demonstrated  technologies to meet the standards.

    Ø      Site Specific Leach Test – Patented Method for Soil Cleanup Level


    1993-1997 – developed method and filed patent in US

    Ø      Sunderban Tiger Survey, India


    1991-93 – Assisted in Tiger Survey – project lead : Amy Townsend

    Ø      Hydrogeologic study, Oakwood E. Addition, Midwest City, Oklahoma



    1988 – Assisted a small community for expense reimbursement only.

    Ø      Environmental Evaluation, Frontier State Bank, Oklahoma City


    1990 – Assessment of a small manufacturing facility

    Ø      Water Use Study for Haskell County Water Co., Stigler, OK



    1991  - Small community help project

    Ø      Water Use study, Atoka County RWD #4, Atoka, OK


    1987 – Expert Testimony in a case involving oilfield pollution of a drinking water reservoir.

    Ø      Hydrogeologic Expert Testimony, Alfalfa County Rural Water District



    1987 - Expert Testimony in a case involving oilfield pollution of a drinking water reservoir.

    Ø      Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Design Project, Haskell County, Oklahoma


    1987-1989 – Eastern Oklahoma surface coal mine reclamation

    Ø      Hydrogeological Investigation in Ponca City, Oklahoma


    1987-88 – Conducted an independent investigation for the State of Oklahoma for the most controversial groundwater pollution case in Southwest US at that time.

    Ø      Environmental Technologies for Ecological Restoration Seminar/Training


    1995 – Conducted the seminar in Bowie, Maryland to address the needs of developing countries.  Participants included scientists and engineers from India, Philippines, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

    Ø      Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System for destruction of Medical Waste


    1997-98 – Conducted a feasibility study and made presentation of the technology (currently used in US)

    Ø      Medical Waste Management Seminar


    1997  - Presented a seminar on medical waste management in Oklahoma

    Ø      Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Designs and permitting of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Maryland


    1993-1995 – Completed preliminary plans




    S & M Engineering team consists of experts in engineering and environmental science.  The engineers offer their expertise in a number of fields, including civil, geotechnical, geological, petroleum, and environmental areas.  The social science and environmental aspects of S & M assure that projects are both culturally appropriate and environmentally sound.  Most of S & M's team has advanced degrees.  Many have won awards and honors, and some have contributed to their fields by writing articles and books.  Through active participation in a variety of professional organizations, they keep themselves up with the leading edge technological developments in their fields.

    S & M Engineering team consists of experts in engineering and environmental science.  The engineers offer their expertise in a number of fields, including civil, geotechnical, geological, petroleum, and environmental areas.  The social science and environmental aspects of S & M assure that projects are both culturally appropriate and environmentally sound.  Most of S & M's team has advanced degrees.  Many have won awards and honors, and some have contributed to their fields by writing articles and books.  Through active participation in a variety of professional organizations, they keep themselves up with the leading edge technological developments in their fields.


    During 2004, Subijoy Dutta of S & M Engineering visited the site and conducted the system inspection and testing prior to the initial startup of the Deep pond system on August 30. Delta Business Services, and along with contractors and their field persons completed the final piping, electrical, spillways, and all other ancillary construction work to get the system ready for the startup.   

    To install the spillways at accurate levels another set of surveys were conducted by the site engineers. 

    The construction has been completed on August 30th, 2004.  Some fine tuning and adjustments were carried out during the next few months while the anaerobic bacteria were being built up into the system. At the present time the amount of work completed at the site compares to approximately 145% of the total construction work estimated in the original proposal.


    Types of expertise range greatly within S & M Engineering as identified by the following spectrum of socio-economic, cultural, engineering, environmental, mining, and waste management projects conducted by the following key professionals.


    Dr. Kent Brakken has worked as Project Manager for environmental permitting projects, including, surface, underground, and in-situ coal mines.  He is responsible for managing projects involving coal, phosphates, hardrock mines, hazardous wastes, pipelines, milling and processing facilities, power plant siting evaluations, environmental compliance audits, and other resource development projects.  He has prepared about 35 proposals involving lignite surface mining, deep coal mines, land application of sewer sludge, oil shale development, industrial waste disposal, power plant siting, federal regulatory programs, effluent treatments for mine reclamation projects, reclamation of abandoned mined lands, environmental audits, synfuel plant fly ash disposal, and similar other projects.


    Subijoy Dutta, a registered Professional Engineer (P.E), provides overall direction to all technical projects of S & M Engineering.  He has extensive experience in Remedial investigations, Feasibility studies (RI/FS), Remedial Design, and Remedial Actions (RD/RA) pertaining to the CERCLA regulations. He is the author of the book “Environmental Treatment Technologies for Hazardous and Medical Wastes - Remedial Scope and Efficacy” published by Tata McGraw Hill in March 2002.  He has also co-authored a book titled “Sustainable Mining Practices – A Global Perspective “ published by Balkema Publishers in July 2005. Summary of the books are furnished under Appendix I at the end.


     He has been the Remedial Project Manager (RPM) for several superfund and RCRA sites.  He has designed and supervised construction of several landfill cover systems.  He was instrumental in the cleanup of three radioactive waste disposal sites at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.  He played a key role beginning from the initial investigation, conducting dosimetric survey, to final cleanup of these three radioactive waste disposal sites.  He has also designed the ground water treatment plant for TCE and Cr6+ removal for a superfund site in Oklahoma.  He initiated the Yamuna river remediation effort in New Delhi, India, by use of constructed wetlands.  Hydrogeological investigation of the Ponca City pollution problem, and watershed analysis for investigating the severe erosion problem in Midwest City, Oklahoma, are a few examples of his community projects.  He has given various environmental seminars and has over 20 publications.


    Mr. Gary Huffman is a Nuclear Chemist in Golden, CO  and is one of the consultant for S & M Engineering Services (SNM). Gary has successfully completed a number of projects for SNM including the Iloilo City Hazardous and medical waste project in Philippines, and the Solid waste management project in Balikpapan, Indonesia.  As a Chief Technical Officer of  Enviroproducts, International, he manage the development of products manufactured from waste.  This includes the design of manufacturing facilities and equipment, the set up and assurance of the operations of these facilities and equipment, the quality assurance of the products, and the development of new processes.  The companies goal of this startup company is to build, own and operate 100 waste conversion facilities within ten years.  Some of the products developed by Mr. Huffman includes building blocks for homebuilding and other community uses from waste material.



                Dr. Rajaram, PhD, P.E., J.D.  is a consultant in Oak Brook, IL, with  His unique background includes - a Professional Engineering license in IL, and MN, a professional geologist certification, and a license as an attorney.


    He has 30 years of experience in the planning, design and construction of energy, environmental and waste management facilities.  He has a Ph.D. in Rock Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a J.D. from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Kent College of Law. 


    Dr. Rajaram has extensive project design and management experience in tunneling, remediation, mining and waste disposal.   He has also worked on technology transfer projects in India, with emphasis on cleaner production, use of clean technologies in Indian industry, waste water treatment for fossil fueled power plants and landfilling of hazardous wastes.  He has conducted training seminars on hazardous waste management in several India cities.  His present interests include the use of coal combustion products in construction, and transfer of US technologies for hazardous waste treatment and destruction to India.  He has Project/Management Experience in India beginning from 1994 when he was with Tetratech, EMI.


    He is author of over 30 papers on mining, waste disposal, hazardous waste site cleanup, and tunneling.  Authored the book entitled “Sustainable Mining Practices – A Global Perspective” published in July 2005 by Taylor and Francis Publishing Company of the United Kingdom.  The book contains Case Studies of Successful Mining and Reclamation Projects from India, Indonesia, Europe, Australia, Africa and North America


    Dr. Amy Townsend researches and writes on cultural and environmental sustainability, intellectual property rights, and management of commons and protected areas.  The impacts of coastal and marine tourism, and developments on human populations and the environment including the global environmental change are also her major areas of focus.  She has contributed to two United Nations reports, and studied land-based sources of marine pollution in the wider Caribbean.  She has also participated in the committee for the National Institute on the Environment's work on the environmental effects of stratospheric ozone depletion, and investigated methods for environmentally sound and culturally appropriate community and building design.  Ms. Townsend has numerous publications.


    Dr. William E. Roper's professional experience includes senior management positions in the U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Army. He also served on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, Michigan State University, and North Carolina State University. Dr. Roper was recently appointed to the new National Academies Committee on the Protection of Critical Transportation Infrastructure and selected to chair the sub-committee on Technology Research, Development and Deployment.  He has also been active with the Water Science and Technology Board, the Infrastructure and Constructed Environment Board, and the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Engineering, as well as the Society of American Military Engineers. He was a member of the National Oil Spill Research Committee, the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force, Construction Industry Strategic Development Council, National Civil Engineering Research Council, and U.S. Co-Chairman of the Geospatial Data Management Task Committee under the U.S.-Japan Natural Resources Agreement. He has authored more than 100 technical papers and delivered numerous presentations to national and international audiences.  He is also President and Founder of Roper and Associates, a Virginia Corporation created to provide engineering and environmental consulting services to the global community. 


    Dr. Roper was director of the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC), Alexandria, VA. In that capacity he was responsible for the overall leadership and management of TEC's R&D programs for the Army, Department of Defense agencies, other Federal agencies and reimbursable customers. This major Army program involved nearly 1000 people and an annual budget at the $140 million level. Dr. Roper has also served as the director of the Army Corps of Engineers World-Wide Civil Works Research and Development Program which involved research program development and execution at seven major laboratories and five research centers located throughout the United States.

    Dr. Roper is a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service, the New York Academy of Sciences and a registered professional engineer in Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the Federal Executive Development Program, Federal Executive Institute, The Harvard Senior Managers in Government Program, Army Command and General Staff College, Air Force War College, and is a distinguished military graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He has also held Adjunct Professor Appointments with the engineering graduate schools of Catholic University of America, George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University. He has managed a number of international joint research programs including initiatives with the People's Republic of China, the former U.S.S.R., Canada and Japan. Technical areas of cooperation range form large-scale estuary sediment movement field studies and water resource development, to earthquake engineering, cold region construction methods, and geospatial data management systems.


    S & M's team provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in projects involving engineering, cultural, and environmental issues.  A detail qualification and expertise of the key S & M engineering professionals can be furnished upon request.


    Appendix I

    BOOK 1

    Environmental Treatment Technologies for Hazardous and Medical Wastes:  Remedial Scope and Efficacy


    ISBN No.  0-07-043586-3, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co.   Mar. 2002


    Many well-intentioned land development projects are conceived, planned, and carried to completion in an inadequate environmental context.  The unintended consequences of such projects often include contamination and degradation of streams, forests, soils, and entire natural systems. Dealing with the challenges of maintaining a decent balance between man’s needs and a sustainable environment has become the province of specialized professionals and technicians trained and equipped to address the complexities of environmental contamination.


    Environmental Treatment Technologies for Hazardous and Medical Wastes provides a systematic framework for analyzing the full range of outcomes that may result from many of the components of urban development and for remediating their adverse effects.  The book also provides details on various waste treatment technologies for hazardous and medical wastes.

    It includes:


    ·         Containment Technology

    ·         Bioremediation

    ·         Soil Washing

    ·         Incineration

    ·         Thermal Treatment

    ·         Vapor Extraction

    ·         Other Physical/Chemical Treatments

    The book also includes a description of the technology, flow diagram and other technology specific information. With this coverage the book would be useful for the environmental scientists and engineers, scientists at the Pollution Control Boards, NGO’s , hospitals and medical organizations and students of environmental engineering and sciences.

    Red Band:

    Foreword by Prof. Dorn C. McGrath, Jr., AICP, Director of Institute for Urban Environmental Research, The George Washington University

    Flap I:

    Contents include:

    1.       Introduction

    2.       Synopsis of Hazardous and Medical Waste Identification and Characterization

    3.       General Site Cleanup Process

    4.       Environmental Treatment Technologies for Hazardous

    5.       Containment Technologies

    6.       Soil Washing

    7.       Thermal Treatment

    8.       Vapor Extraction

    9.       Bioremediation

    10.   Incineration Treatment

    11.   Other Physical/Chemical Treatments

    12.   Remediation Case Studies

    13.   Monitoring and Control Technologies

    14.   Alternative Treatment Technology Options for Medical Wastes

    Flap II:

    Author’s Profile + photograph 

    Mr. Subijoy Dutta is a registered professional engineer (P.E.) in Maryland, USA.  He has authored this book in March 2002, published by Tata McGraw Hill Company.  Mr. Dutta has over 18 years of experience in Remedial Investigations, Feasibility Studies (RI/FS), Remedial Design, and Remedial Actions (RD/RA) pertaining to the RCRA and CERCLA regulations.  He also provides expertise in the treatment, storage and disposal aspects of medical waste.  He has designed modified cover systems for Landfills and have supervised installation of Landfill covers for several hazardous waste sites.  Currently he is on a detail to the Center for Urban Environmental Research (CUER) at the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

    Mr. Dutta has more than 30 publications in major technical journals.  He also has two equipment patents pending. He has received the 1991 National Award for Individual Excellence in Environmental Restoration from the U.S. Air Force chief of Staff General Merrill A. McPeak in Washington D.C. on April 20, 1992.  He has received the Unsung Hero Award in 1997 from the EPA Administrator, Carol Browner for his voluntary work towards the cleanup of the highly polluted Yamuna river in New Delhi, India.


    Text Box: For ordering the book either:
1.	Write to: S & M Engineering, 1496 Harwell Ave., Crofton, MD 21114 USA; Ph: 410-721-7706/Fax:410-721-6265 OR
2.	go to search for author name :subijoy











    BOOK 2

    Sustainable Mining Practice: A global perspective

    ISBN 90-5809-689-0, Printed in Great Britain, July 2005


    This book considers developments in sustainable mining practices all over the world during the past twenty five years. It addresses issues such as managing mining waste, mine closure, the environmental impacts of mining, land use planning and energy use management. It provides detailed coverage of successful sustainable mining systems and technologies, as practiced in large-scale operations in the U.S., Europe and Australia, as well as practices being developed in developing countries, such as India for controlling small-scale mining operations. The concluding chapter of the book presents case histories of sustainable mining practices from the Americas, Asia (with emphasis on India), Australia, Africa (Tanzania and Zambia), and Europe.  The primary audience for this book is Mine safety and environment personnel, Mine and Reclamation planners, practicing mining engineers, and environmental managers in mining companies.  This book will also be of interest to consulting engineers and scientists, as well as college students, regulatory/governmental agencies and their permitting and operations personnel.  It contains a wealth of information on cleaner production and how to minimize the environmental impacts of mining.

    About the authors:

    Dr. Vasudevan Rajaram, P.E. is a licensed professional engineer, a certified professional geologist, and an attorney with over 30 years of experience in mining and environmental fields. He is currently at BUrns and McDonalds in Chicago, Illinois. His experience covers a wide range of projects in the United States, Canada and India.

    Mr. Subijoy Dutta, P.E. is a registered professional engineer with over 15 years of experience in Environmental Management of Hazardous, solid and medical Wastes. He has also authored a book on Environmental Treatment Technologies for Hazardous and Medical Wastes:Remedial Scope and Efficacy, published by Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. in March. 2002 His expertise includes the treatment, storage and disposal aspects of solid, hazardous, and medical waste; disposal system design for mining waste, municipal solid waste, and hazardous waste.  He has designed and completed installation of an unique wastewater treatment (Reuse)  system  in Hyderabad India in September 2004.

    Dr. Krishna Parameswaran, P.E. is a licensed professional engineer in Pennsylvania. He is currently Director of Environmental Services – Operations and Compliance Assurance in Asarco’s Environmental Affairs Department. Dr Parameswaran’s interests include sustainable development in relation to mining, recycling of metals, and energy use in metals production, life cycle energy use and life cycle assessments of products.


    - Cleaner production practices

    - Blasting impacts and their control

    - Minimizing surface water impacts, groundwater impacts and surface subsidence

    - Use of environmental indicators in mining

    - Emerging mining technologies minimizing environmental impacts

    - Mineland reclamation and abandoned mineland reclamation

    - Waste management issues: tailings management and risk evaluation of facilities

    - Waste rock disposal: including acid mine drainage control

    - Hazardous waste management: with emphasis on maintenance wastes

    - Best Management Practices for Sustainable Mining,

    - Small-scale mining: tailings pond management and hazardous waste management